Alex Jones Calls Glenn Beck 'Trash' For Slamming His Piers Morgan Interview (Video)

Alex Jones Radio Host - H 2012

Alex Jones Radio Host - H 2012

The conservative radio host, who started a petition to deport Morgan, appeared on Current TV to respond to Beck, calling him a fascist.

Alex Jones, the conservative radio host who mounted a campaign to have Piers Morgan deported, doesn’t just have a beef with the CNN host and his outspoken views on gun control.

Jones took fellow conservative figure Glenn Beck to task during an interview, blasting him for hurling insults after Jones had an on-air fight with Morgan.

VIDEO: Piers Morgan Confronts Man Who Wants to Deport Him on CNN Show

“Glenn Beck is despicable,” Jones said on Current TV’s The Young Turks Monday. “I’m sick and tired of him. He’s a punk.”

Jones, who last week on Piers Morgan Tonight said guns were necessary to protect Americans from a "tyrannical government," was targeted by Beck afterwards. 

“That sounds like the ravings of a fascist. That’s what that sounds like. And, quite honestly, I believe that’s what that guy is,” Beck said on The Glenn Beck Program.

On Current, Jones took issue with that characterization. “I’m a constitutional libertarian who loves freedom, and my views are my own, and that little piece of trash needs to know this,” he said. “You jackass mainline conservatives don’t speak for me. You’re the ones that have discredited true conservatism and libertarianism.”

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During his interview with Morgan, Jones predicted “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms." On Current, he again evoked revolutionary times. “Thomas Jefferson would spit on you, you little bastard. You little piece of trash,” Jones said of Beck.

Jones’ petition to deport Morgan attracted nearly 110,000 signatures, though the White House responded last week it would not be taking action against the CNN host.