Alex Trebek Lauded by Fans for Chasing Burglar, Injury

Ben Hider/Getty Images

"He's 71. What is, #BALLER, for $1000?!!" writes one on Twitter.

Alex Trebek surprised fans when he showed up to host the National Geographic World Championship at Google sporting crutches Wednesday. He explained that he snapped his Achilles tendon earlier that morning in his San Francisco hotel while chasing down a female burglar at 2:30 a.m.

The longtime Jeopardy host, who just turned 71 this month, caught her stealing cash and a bracelet from his mother, which he had worn on the show every single day for 20 years. He also injured his other foot when he fell. The woman was taken into custody by San Francisco police and booked on felony burglary and possession of stolen property.

Trebak was instantly lauded by fans and media on Twitter, many of whom used Jeopardy's traditional question format in their posts. wrote: "Alex Trebek was injured today chasing after a burglar!! He's 71. What is, #BALLER, for $1000?!!" and Tweeted a shirtless photo of the TV host.

ColonelTribune: " Alex Trebek was injured chasing a burglar at his hotel. The alleged burglar is on ice.  You don't mess with Trebek.

enKirkman: "Alex Trebek chased a burglar!! What is........brave?

BettyFckinWhite: "Snapped his achilles tendon chasing down a burglar today. Who is Alex Trebek?"

nydailynews: "I'll take 'Spry Game Show Hosts' for a $1000." Alex Trebek chases burglar through a San Francisco hotel."

HuffPostMedia: "Alex Trebek gets injured in the most awesome way possible"

kouroshk: "In case you doubted Alex Trebek is a badass...Trebek injured after chasing burglar at SF hotel"

colestratton: "Alex Trebek was injured chasing a burglar. I'll take Dumb Moves By Canadian Game Show Hosts for 400, Alex."

VancouverSun: "With apologies to Chuck Norris Facts - giraffes did not exist until Alex Trebek uppercut a donkey: #VSTrebek

marissamayer : "The National Geographic Bee World Championship was at Google today, hosted by Alex Trebek, the Russia team won! Congrats to all :)"

Trebek will undergo surgery on Friday. He'll wear a cast for six weeks.