Alexander Wang's New Denim Ads Suggest Going Pantless

Alexander Wang Denim Ads - H 2014
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Alexander Wang Denim Ads - H 2014

Oh, the irony

The latest ads for Alexander Wang’s new denim collection are, um, provocative, to say the least. The pair of images features a nude Anna Ewers with her jeans around her ankles; one image depicts the model touching herself. A strategically placed “Denim x Alexander Wang” logo is the only indication that the images are intended to sell jeans.

However, if anyone can get away with causing a stir, it’s Wang. The designer and creative director of Balenciaga seems to be untouchable at the moment, riding the wave of success from his wildly coveted H&M collaboration. The ads mark the 30-year-old’s first foray into denim, which will go on sale Dec. 8, both in his New York store and on his website.

While offensive ads in fashion are nothing new, the extremely sexual nature of Wang’s are already creating a buzz. But regardless of whether you believe the photos to be artistic or just plain crude, there’s no denying that pushing the boundaries of good taste is certainly a good business strategy. “Once you see it, you can’t stop thinking about it,” Wang told WWD. The designer admitted that while there will be those that disagree with the images, they’re really intended to “provoke conversation.” Mission accomplished.

For all we know, Wang might just be trying to beat Kim at breaking the Internet. In the meantime, someone should tell Anna that she’s wearing pants wrong.