Alice Dellal Punks up Karl Lagerfeld's Boy Chanel Summer 2012 Ad Campaign (Video)

Courtesy of Chanel

The latest Chanel model looks like she could be "Dragon Tattoo" proto-punk Lisbeth Salander's BFF.

Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked model/socialiate Alice Dellal as the fierce female face of his new Boy Chanel handbag collection because of her "punky" and "rocker" style.

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With her half-shaved head, multiple tattoos and unusually placed piercings, Dellal looks more like the BFF of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Lisbeth Salander than a Chanel model. But according to Lagerfeld, Dellal "represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity."

Lagerfeld previously released a short silent film that he directed called My New Friend Boy, which also seems to pay homage to the Oscar-winning B&W film, The Artist.

Now the Summer 2012 print ads are finally here, showing Dellal holding new Boy bags, with her half-shaved head, sporting ripped, footless fishnet tights and top, with a ruffled skirt (for a '80s Madonna feeling) and a Chanel zip-up hoodie (sans pants for that essential punky insoucience). Price of the handbag? A mere $4,500.

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To see more Boy Chanel ads, click here.

So tell us: What do you think of Chanel's brand new bag direction?

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