'Alice' opens big in Japan

3D theaters, Depp almost double 'Avatar' opening take

TOKYO – “Alice in Wonderland” bowed with 700 million yen ($7.5 million) on April 17, pulling in almost double what “Avatar” managed on its opening day.
Helped by the steady increase in 3D-capable theaters, the draw of Johnny Depp, and a shorter running time that allowed an extra show per day on 877 screens, gave it a stellar debut that distributor Disney will be hoping it can channel into the kind of sustained run that “Avatar” is still enjoying.
Of the total screens, 454 were 3D and 423 2D for “Alice in Wonderland” - compared with 373 3D and 423 2D (for a total of 831) for “Avatar.”
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp made a 15-hour flying promotional visit to Tokyo by private jet on March 22 for the film’s Japanese premiere.
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