Alicia Keys: "I Remember Falling in Love With Music When I Was 4 Years Old" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"I learned 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow,' and that song crossed with Cookie Monster and 'It's Not Easy Being Green' gave me my moment to learn how to sing."

"I was already working on my album, Here," songwriter Alicia Keys told The Hollywood Reporter during the Songwriter Oscar Roundtable, when she began writing for Queen of Katwe.

"And for this album it was actually encouraged by this kind of, fit of rage that I personally had, and I needed to write down all the things that I was absolutely so sick of. And I was just so tired of myself doing these things and being a part of these things. I was just outraged with my own self and the world, all simultaneously. And I wrote it down. Which I encourage everyone to do."

Her song for Katwe, called "Back To Life" is about, "what happens when you're given a chance at life," said Keys, "and how difficult that is for so many women around the world to really have the opportunity to be in that equal footing and that equal sitting."

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