Alicia Machado Opens Up About Trump's Treatment of Her: "He's Not a Good Person"

Alicia Machado - Fox Sports Event - Getty - H - 2016
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"I need to share my story," the former Miss Universe said on 'The Kelly File.' "I don't think this person is the right person who can be a president."

Alicia Machado joined Megyn Kelly on Tuesday's Kelly File to clear up her feelings on Donald Trump after his treatment of the former Miss Universe was once again referenced on Monday's debate. 

Machado, whom Trump criticized in the 1990s for gaining weight after she won the pageant, was referenced during the first presidential debate, when Hillary Clinton used Trump's remarks about her (calling her "Miss Piggy," for example) as an example of how he treats women.

Machado appeared on The Kelly File to discuss her campaigning for Clinton and her feelings about a possibly Trump presidency. 

"I don’t believe that person is not the right person trying to be a president," she told Kelly.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump stood by his earlier statements about her, telling Fox & Friends it was a "real problem" when the 1996 Miss Universe gained weight after winning the pageant he owned at the time. "She gained a massive amount of weight. It was a real problem. We had a real problem."

Machado, who became a U.S. citizen recently, also appeared in a Clinton campaign ad, saying that Trump would also call her "Miss Housekeeping" and that he "harbors a deep racism." She also tweeted her support for Clinton, saying "I'm with her." 

"The only thing I want to do is to share my story," she told Kelly. "I think I can open a few eyes. I can maybe change a few minds."

"I know this person, and he’s not a good person," she added.

Also on Tuesday, she spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper, telling him in no uncertain terms, Trump "was really rude with me. He tried to destroy my self-esteem."