NYFW Beauty: This Is Why Models' Skin Looks So Freaking Great

Photo by Kathryn Romeyn
Well-moisturized models backstage at Opening Ceremony

We polled girls backstage to get their go-to formulas and tips which, surprise surprise, includes lots of masks.

You’d expect models' complexions backstage at NYFW to be rough, raw and red under their makeup, but this season cosmetics are barely there and still their skin looks beautiful. Chalk it up to more skincare sponsorships of shows, or just their diligent at-home care. As one model getting ready at Rachel Antonoff said she’s learned from makeup artists, “Invest in your skin because you’re going to feel more confident and that’s what matters.”

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And invest they are. We polled models backstage at shows to find out what they use and the answer is a shit ton of products. From cheap (Nivea Face Body, $10) to moderately priced (Elizabeth Arden, Kiehl’s, Origins, Embryolisse) to DIY, they’re really into products.

When it comes to eye cream, several said they’re addicted to Kiehl’s Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado Oil ($47). At Alice and Olivia one said she loves the two-in-one multitasking capabilities of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF ($31). Clinique under-eye cream is also a go-to. Stephanie, a model at Rachel Antonoff, swears by pure vitamin E oil, which she uses under her eyes and around her mouth to ward off dry skin.

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Along with her stash of Bioderma products and occasional facials at Good Face Spa in Brooklyn, she also makes an at-home mask that she swears by. “I use Greek yogurt, tumeric, avocado, honey, olive oil and brown sugar, and put it in my face. It really works — it leaves my skin brighter, I look fresh-faced and I don’t need any makeup, no tinted moisturizer or anything,” she promised.

Masks are definitely the hottest tip. And established models like Lily Aldridge, Bella Hadid and Adriana Lima aren’t the only ones using them. One catwalker mentioned her favorites are by Dr.Jart+ ($7.50) and Sephora (a pearl mask in particular) while at Houghton, another — who mostly uses Avène and Korean skincare brands, the names of which she couldn’t remember — said she masks twice a week, but every night during fashion week. “Sometimes I put on a cream mask for sleeping, and sometimes a paper mask to throw away. It’s easy,” she said.

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Then there’s the natural stuff: Coconut oil is a favorite. One said she uses coconut oil to remove her makeup every night, while another applies it everywhere: “I moisturize completely — my body, my face. It’s a staple product to me. It’s totally changed my skin.” And many girls also seek out natural or organic products as their go-tos. At Opening Ceremony, Ali pulled out the Éminence Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum ($48) she carries everywhere and uses in addition to the brand’s Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher ($46). The takeaway? Good skin doesn’t require a ton of money but it does require diligence.