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"My favorite time with Bob is before or after the show. He has a gathering of people in his dressing room, and he'll tell you stories (about) getting started and stories of taking the show on the road and the people he's met. One day, he went into a separate room to change since there were people in the room, and one of them said, 'Is this your normal routine?' and he just (deadpanned), 'Normally, I put my pants on in the other room.' He's very laid-back, and he's very sharp."
 -- Barbara Bloom, CBS senior vp daytime programs

"Of course, the most famous ('Price' episode) is where the girl (Yolanda Bowsley) runs down (from the audience), and (her) tube top comes off. And the audience saw everything, and they were just cheering and applauding. And Bob walks through the doors and, of course, he doesn't really know what has happened at that time. And he came out and said, 'Wow, thank you for that applause. I've never gotten such an applause before in my life.' And (announcer) Johnny Olson says, 'Well, Bob, somebody's given their all to you.' And he still didn't really know what was going on. In this day and age, I think that people would stop tape. I'm from that school where you just keep going. It makes good TV. When they talk about reality shows, there's no reality show more real than us."
-- Roger Dobkowitz, producer, "The Price Is Right"

"Dad was taking my sisters to a lesson a long time ago, and he heard this voice on the radio. And Dad said, 'I want to interview him.' Dad was looking for a host for 'Truth or Consequences.' So anyway, he wanted to know when Bob could come in. Bob said, 'I can come in now.' And, of course, Bob did 'Truth or Consequences' for 18 years. My dad used to say, 'The people are the stars of the show.' I don't think anybody got that more than Bob. We just went down to see 'The Price Is Right,' my wife and I. It's pretty interesting to watch him because you almost see him, with any spontaneous situation, just turn it into something terrific. That's a real skill. That's a real gift, and that's what Bob's got."
  -- Gary Edwards, executive vp, Ralph Edwards Prods.
(son of "Truth or Consequences" creator-producer Ralph Edwards)

Shrine Mosque (auditorium), which in Springfield, Mo., was the Mecca of all entertainment. One of the big bands was appearing, and I can assure you that they never even noticed because from that moment on, they were inseparable; they were never out of each other's sight, but they let me tag along. We still keep in touch -- as witness, we call each other on our birthdays."
-- Jim Lowe, former radio host WNEW/WBBR

"'Price' premiered the very same day on CBS daytime -- Monday, Sept., 4, 1972 -- as 'The Joker's Wild' with Jack Barry (and) 'Gambit' with (me). The three of us met at CBS one day for a promo photo shoot. Bob was already a legend in '72, and for me, it was almost like meeting the president in person! He gave me some advice that day that I've always tried to keep in mind in hosting shows. He said, 'Just be yourself. Have as much fun as your contestants, you'll be fine!'"
-- Wink Martindale, game show host

"He was always pretty good to me for an older brother. I guess we were far enough apart so that we didn't have any of that typical sibling rivalry. He'd occasionally pull a joke on me. One time I remember -- he was standing on a chair -- (his idea) was to pour some cold water on my head. I got most of the glass of ice water poured on my head. At that point, he was trying to be very debonair, and he was smoking a pipe. So, I went in and filled his pipe up with Mentholatum, the stuff you put on your nose when you've got a cold. But overall, we got along just fine."
-- stepbrother Kent Valandra

"If I were to sit down some place in the U.S., and there were 20,000 people in an arena, the performer I would want to have would be Bob Barker. And you say, 'Gee whiz, he can't sing, he's not a comic or anything else.' But he can entertain people with nothing. He's just an incredibly skilled entertainer with a great sense of comedic timing. He had a little old lady sitting in bidder's row. And she said, 'I had a dream about you last night.' He said, 'Well, what did we do?' And she said, 'Well, you chased me around the hayloft.' It was hilarious."
-- Syd Vinnedge "The Price Is Right" consultant

"I've worked with a lot of hosts. What made Bob head and shoulders above everyone else -- and he is the best -- quite apart from his innate talent, is he was the only one I ever knew who only really wanted to be a game show host. He viewed it as his profession. Others viewed it as a stepping stone, and some others were downright contemptuous of it. That's what's uniquely special about him."
-- Jay Wolpert producer, "The Price Is Right" (1972-78); screenwriter, 2003's "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"
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