All in the 'Family'? Nope


Fox's animated comedy "Family Guy" will continue with original episodes done without the participation of creator/executive producer Seth MacFarlane, sources said.

The hit show's last episode that was finished before the writers strike aired Sunday. Fox and producing studio 20th Century Fox TV had been faced with the option of contining the show without MacFarlane, who has been on the picket lines, or stop production and go to repeats. "Family Guy" originally was scheduled to air fresh episodes through the end of the November sweep.

After the rally at Fox on Friday, where he was one of the speakers, MacFarlane said the studio could proceed with completing new episodes but that he had advised them against it.

"I hope they don't do it," he said.

20th TV had no comment on the matter Tuesday but confirmed that it remains in production on new episodes.

As of Tuesday night, the first episode finished without MacFarlane's blessing had been delivered to Fox.

Sources said that episode is one of three very close to completion, with others in various stages of production.