'All Is Lost' Trailer: Robert Redford Adrift at Sea (Video)

Festival de Cannes/PA
"All Is Lost"

The survival tale hits theaters Oct. 18.

Robert Redford is alone at sea, battling cascading waves and vicious sharks in the first trailer for the survival tale All Is Lost

Shades of Cast Away and Life of Pi are evident in the trailer, which mostly is wordless as the actor navigates treacherous waters, mends his sailboat and determines a plan for rescue. The drama is written and directed by J.C. Chandor (Margin Call). 


Redford has earned early praise for his role in the drama. The Hollywood Reporter's chief film critic, Todd McCarthy, who called the plot "Hemingwayesque," found of the actor's performance: "Redford, who can’t avoid exuding charisma, plays this role with utter naturalism and lack of histrionics or self-regard."

The film debuted at Cannes in May and will hit theaters Oct. 18.