All the Moments Seth MacFarlane Wishes He Could Take Back

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Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars

His first lead role in a feature film didn't quite go as planned

Seth MacFarlane knows what he's doing when it comes to making hit shows and films. That said, nobody's perfect.

The Family Guy creator and Ted director has proven there is no such thing as bad publicity, as his projects thrive on humor designed to push the envelope and infuriate some viewers. And while MacFarlane has perfected this craft, there are certainly a few choices he's made over the years that now seem questionable.

Here are the decisions that MacFarlane probably wants to do over.

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His breast-centric Oscars song

MacFarlane was presumably chosen to host the 2013 Academy Award ceremony in order to create controversy and buzz around the telecast, but he might not have expected just how many viewers would be bothered by his "We Saw Your Boobs" tune. The song feels particularly inappropriate in light of the recent photo-hacking scandal.

A million ways to die at the box office

Moviegoers apparently need some grit (as seen by, well, the success of True Grit) in their Westerns. Even a proven star like Liam Neeson couldn't help goose the gross for this summer's D.O.A. A Million Ways to Die in the West. Translation: MacFarlane can star in movies but not necessarily live-action ones (or ones without the word "Ted" in the title).

Trans character's treatment on Quagmire's Dad

MacFarlane has admitted to being surprised by the negative reaction that the 2010 Family Guy episode received, in which Brian repeatedly vomits after learning that his date was born a man.

One word: Dads

MacFarlane has the magic touch with animated shows. Live-action efforts have been a different story, as this one-season-and-out dud , which counted MacFarlane as an executive producer, joined 2007's short-lived Fox series The Winner as misses.

Does American Dad somehow feel familiar?

It's no secret that American Dad — between the loving but dense husband and the talking non-human sidekick — bears a striking resemblance to Family Guy. MacFarlane himself has admitted to creating American Dad at a time when he didn't realize that Family Guy would be resurrected. Then again, if it ain't broke ...

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