Another Alleged Bill Cosby Victim Tells Her Story on 'Dr. Phil'

Bill Cosby 2 - H 2014
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Bill Cosby 2 - H 2014

A woman identified only as "Lisa" says the comedian drugged her

Another woman has accused Bill Cosby of drugging her, more than two decades ago, joining a long list of women who have said the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted them.

Identified only as "Lisa," the woman told her story on Friday's Dr. Phil. Lisa said she had built a friendship with Cosby after she was called in to audition for him when she was a model in the 1980s. He called her out of the blue and asked her to visit him at his hotel suite so he could see what kind of acting skills she had. He then gave her two drinks, a brown liquid that looked like a shot. Although she told him she didn't drink, he said the drink would relax her so the lines would flow out a little more easily. She drank it and another and quickly felt that something was wrong.

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"I noticed myself getting a little dizzy," she said in a videotaped interview that aired on Friday's Dr. Phil. "Bill had sat down on the edge of the couch. He said, 'Come over here and have a seat.' He had his legs open, and when I sat down, I was sitting down in between his legs with my back to his crotch. And he started to stroke my hair back in a petting motion. … The last thing I remember is just feeling the strokes on my head. After that, I don't remember anything else."

Lisa said she woke up at home later, but she doesn't know what happened the next morning or the following day or even how she got home. Her car was at her house when she woke up, but she can't remember whether she drove home or not.

Lisa says the stories told by other women who claimed Cosby abused them, including Janice Dickinson, made her realize what happened to her.

"Now that I've heard the stories from other women, I understand what he did. He drugged me. The image that I find myself fighting with is creating my own scenarios of what he did," Lisa said, her voice wavering as she seemed to start crying. "I don't want to see those. I don't want to guess what he did to me. I just don't want it to be anything. I trusted him. I trusted him like I trusted my own father."

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Later, Lisa, who joined Dr. Phil on set along with her mother, who also participated in a taped interview, explained why she didn't report what happened to her shortly after it occurred.

"The stroking of the hair was odd, but I didn't feel violated until Janice Dickinson came out and revealed what he did to her and that she remembered what actually happened after the stroking of the hair, per se," she said. "So for me, I just found out a month ago what happened to me. So how can I report it 23, 24, 25 years ago if I just found out a month ago? I can tell you that my body language said stay away from him, but my mind didn't know. So this is all brand-new for me. I don't know why my mom didn't report it, but my mom grew up in a world where who the hell cares what a woman has to say against a man when he has that much power? Who the hell's going to listen to her? … Who's going to protect us against Bill Cosby?"

Friday's episode featured interviews with six other Cosby accusers — including Kristina Ruehli, Victoria Valentino, Beth Ferrier, Helen Hayes and "Chelan"— who recalled their experiences with the comedian. Gloria Allred was on hand, where she repeated her suggestion that Cosby waive the statutes of limitation on claims of sexual abuse and let his accusers sue him or agree to arbitration.