Alleged Netflix, Disney Hacker May Have Struck Another Company

Line 204

TheDarkOverlord may be behind a security breach at Line 204.

TheDarkOverlord, infamous for hacking into Netflix, Disney and others, grabbing their content and holding it for ransom, may have struck again, this time launching a cyberattack on a studio and production-rental facility searching for information about its clientele.

Line 204 said Monday that it told all of its clients about the breach, which occurred on Thursday. Line 204 consists of several soundstages, and clients have included Comedy Central, which shot a roast of Rob Lowe there, and Britney Spears, who shot a music video there. The Hollywood Reporter also shot its 2016 Women's Roundtable with Jennifer Lopez, Kirstin Dunst, Kerry Washington and others at the facility, as well as a Directors Roundtable two years ago with Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott and others.

"I can confirm that Line 204 was a victim of an international cyberattack organization," CEO Alton Butler said in a statement emailed to THR.

An insider said that TheDarkOverlord is behind the attack.

"This group has hit other studios in the past year and is trying to continue their destructive path with Line 204," Butler said. "We immediately took measures to minimize the damages and block further invasion to protect the information of our company and clients. At this time, we understand some data has been compromised. We are working with the FBI to establish what information has been stolen."

The FBI had no comment.

In the past, TheDarkOverlord uploaded episodes of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black to The Pirate Bay website before they had been aired, as well as episodes of Steve Harvey's Funderdome, an ABC game show. Last year, TheDarkOverlord hacked Larson Studios, a postproduction facility, and took episodes of CBS' NCIS: Los Angeles and Fox's New Girl.