Almodovar's 'Excited' Sets a High for Spanish Opening Weekend

I'm So Excited Trailer - H 2013

I'm So Excited Trailer - H 2013

Strong marketing and a loyal following beat negative reviews from local critics.

MADRID -- Director Pedro Almodovar enjoyed his best opening weekend receipts -- €1.9 million ($2.6 million) -- with the release in Spain of Warner Bros. comedy I'm So Excited, according to figures released Monday by Rentrak Spain.

The comedy averaged €6,320 ($8,200) on its 295 copies and outpaced Oz The Great and Powerful, which earned less than half as much per print. However, Oz beat Excited in total receipts, earning €1.98 million over the weekend.

The box office earnings also toppled the 2006 opening of Volver, starring Penelope Cruz, as Almodovar's best opening. Volver earned €1.75 million, although it did so off of 335,000 tickets sold rather than the 247,000 moviegoers this past weekend for Excited.

Almodovar's films usually play well at home, but rely more on word of mouth and longer legs in the theaters than a strong opening. But in Spain, the early reviews panned the film.

"I think the great marketing and the fact that Almodovar has a very loyal following account for the strong opening," Rentrak's David Rodriguez said.

Warner used creative marketing, like flash mobs dancing to the Pointer Sisters' hit I'm So Excited, on Madrid's central shopping and movie district, the Gran Via.