Nude Man Arrested For Stripping During 'Chipwrecked' Screening

Chipwrecked Edward Brown Split - H 2012

Chipwrecked Edward Brown Split - H 2012

A Chicago citizen gave an X-rated performance during the family friendly film.

Parents got more than they bargained for at a recent screening of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, when a dentally challenged man decided to go nude.

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Edward Brown, 34, was arrested by Chicago police last week after stripping off his clothes and parading his naked body inside the movie theater. According to the Chicago Tribune, officers arrived at the North Riverside Park Mall’s Classic Cinema to find Brown seated in the front row -- stark naked -- watching a 4 p.m. showing of the 20th Century Fox film along with 96 fellow patrons. Police said that at one point, Brown turned to face the audience with his exposed genitals.

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The audience members were quickly ushered out of the theater and offered refund vouchers, while Brown was ordered to get dressed and was subsequently arrested. He was charged with sexual exploitation of a child and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The streaker claims that he was promised sex and drugs by a woman who asked him to sit in the front row and get naked. Brown remains in bail with bond set at $100,000 and the alleged instigator has yet to be found. Brown’s next court date is set for Monday at the Maybrook courthouse.