Alyssa Milano Launching Web Series on Election Security to "Preserve This Democracy"

Alyssa Milano
Rich Fury/Getty Images

The actress and 'Sorry Not Sorry' podcast host will debut 'Own the Vote 2020' on Sept. 7.

Politically active actress Alyssa Milano — who already has a podcast, Sorry Not Sorry, that tackles the hot-button issues of the day — is launching a webinar series this fall focused on election security and voter activation. Titled Own the Vote 2020 with Milano as moderator, the six-episode program is being produced in conjunction with the nonprofits Free Speech for People, Let America Vote Action Fund, Stand Up America and When We All Vote (co-chaired by Michelle Obama).

"I feel like the election is being threatened — everything from insecure voting machines to information warfare to our ability to vote safely," says Milano. "So we decided to get some people together to educate and empower the American people on not only election security but also voter rules and regulations for every state." The first panel, on "Modems and Voting Machines," launches Sept. 7 on Crowdcast.

As for her advice on voting: "If you can, vote early — in person or mail-in.We have to encourage people to spread out [voting] as much as possible so that the polls are not overwhelmed and the post office is not overwhelmed. It’s really just going to take all of us to preserve this democracy."

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