Alyssa Milano Offers to Foster Detained Immigrant Children

Alyssa Milano at the Rolling Stone Live - Getty - H 2018
Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Rolling Stone

“I cannot let these children hurt any longer: Mi casa es la casa de ellos,” the actress wrote in a letter to an organization that offers temporary care for the kids.

Alyssa Milano is ready to take action against President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy, offering her New York home for detained immigrant children to reside in. 

The actress, who is a Brooklyn native, on Thursday penned a letter, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, to Cayuga Centers CEO Edward Myers Hayes, in which she asked to help his organization in fostering children.

“The last few weeks have been heartbreaking for Americans,” the actress wrote. “We have watched the inhumane destruction at our Southern border as innocent children, already traumatized, were essentially kidnapped from their families in furtherance of a vulgar, xenophobic Trump policy.” 

Pleading that “jailing children is simply wrong,” Milano emphasized that the recent immigration policy marks a “dark chapter in our nation’s history” as it is an exemplification of actions “fueled by a twisted desire to criminalize the most vulnerable.” 

After learning that Hayes’ organization has offered temporary care for the immigrant children, Milano requested that her home also serve as a safe foundation for children. “As a mother, I know that children need to be reunited with their parents in the United States more than anything,” Milano wrote.  

Though Trump recently signed an executive order to allow the children to join their families as they are criminally prosecuted, Milano reiterates that the order “makes no mention of reuniting children” and the circumstances have already traumatized the children such that “irreparable damage” may have been done.

“These children need compassion, stability and love more than ever. To them, I offer my home and my heart; my love and whatever stability I can give them until they can be reunited with a parent,” the actress wrote. 

Milano, who assured that she will “register with the appropriate authorities” to be able to temporarily foster children, also promised to “fight their cases” and see that the immigrants are able to remain in the country. “I am sure this is something many other Americans would consider a moral and patriotic duty,”  she wrote.

Further pleading to Hayes to accept her offer, the actress vowed to give the children hope as their “faith is drained.”

“I cannot let these children hurt any longer: Mi casa es la casa de ellos,” Milano wrote in closing. 

Milano joins other Hollywood stars who have been vocal about the issue on social media, with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Chelsea Handler, Kumail Nanjiani, Reese Witherspoon and more blasting the policy. The immigration policy has also received criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. Former first lady Laura Bush referred to the policy as "cruel" and "immoral" in a guest column for The Washington Post, while first lady Melania Trump addressed the controversy by saying she hated to see families separated at the border and hoped "both sides of the aisle" can reform the nation's immigration laws.