Alyssa Milano Releases 'Sex Tape' (Video)

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Alyssa Milano

The "Mistresses" actress appears in a video for Funny or Die.

Alyssa Milano has released quite the scintillating sex video.

The Mistresses actress is seen getting hot and heavy with a tall, dark and handsome hunk in Cabo, in a bed covered in rose petals, as she sets up the video camera to record their tryst -- only to have the whole thing go awry as she "accidentally" knocks the camera around and it lands on a TV showing coverage of the upheaval in Syria.

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Of course, it's not a real sex tape; the video was actually created for Funny or Die.

While a reflection in a mirror shows the duo still appearing to have a pretty good time under the sheets, the anchorman continues to talk about the situation in Syria for more than a minute.

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Considering that's more than half of the total running time of the two-minute-and-16-second clip, it would appear that Milano is actually trying to educate viewers a bit on the situation in the Middle East while also giving them a laugh.

In real life, Milano has been married to CAA agent David Bugliari for four years.

Watch her Funny or Die video below.

Alyssa Milano Sex Tape from Alyssa Milano
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