Trump Gets Grammar Lesson From Alyssa Milano on Twitter

Alyssa Milano - NHL 100 Geico Carpet - Getty - H 2017
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Another day, another typo?

We get it: Homophones are hard. Not as hard as, say, running a country, but hey, they're up there. President Donald Trump fell victim to their tricky ways on Twitter on Wednesday evening, and you can bet users noticed. 

"Well, their was Afghanistan (somber), Rally... (enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) and the American Legion - V.A. (respectful and strong)," tweeted the president in the midst of a social media rant about the media, using the possessive "their" instead of the correct "there." That grammatical error was quickly followed up by "To bad Dems have no one that can change tones!" in which Trump used the preposition "to" rather than the proper modifier, "too." The back-to-back errors come just days after he mistakenly tweeted "heel" when he meant "heal."

The reaction was swift, with followers quick to teach the president a thing or two about grammar. Actress Alyssa Milano went so far as to define which situations call for "there," "they're" or "their." 

"For your records, @realdonaldtrump," she tweeted.

Fashion blogger Nicolette Mason, as well as a host of other concerned citizens, weighed in as well. 

Though Twitter had a field day with the typo, nothing will truly live up to "covfefe."