Amal Clooney Gives the Best Response About Her Workwear Style

Amal Clooney DO NOT BLAST - P 2015
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Amal Clooney DO NOT BLAST - P 2015

Despite being a celebrated human rights lawyer, she still has to answer red-carpet questions during her day job.

Given her glamorous red-carpet duties as Mrs. George Clooney, it can sometimes be easy to forget that Amal Clooney is actually an extremely accomplished human rights lawyer. And even though she's quickly ascended to style stardom with her risky fashion statements (those gloves!), she wants us to know that at work it's all about her work — not fashionable clothing.

While preparing to appear before the European Human Rights Court early Wednesday morning, the 36-year-old responded to reporter Bruno Waterfield's inquiry about her style with a laugh and a simple, to-the-point response: "I'm wearing Ede & Ravenscroft." (For those not familiar, Ede & Ravenscroft is a centuries-old tailoring company specializing in ceremonial robes, including the legal variety.)

The graceful yet succinct response from Clooney is just a gentle reminder that she's more than just a mannequin with the ultimate trophy husband. She's a boss.