This is The Bag Line Carried by Amal Clooney

Courtesy of B-Low the Belt
Amal and George Clooney

The scoop on the fringed accessories by B-Low The Belt, which Kendall Jenner has also rocked.

Since tying the knot with George Clooney, Amal Clooney and her impeccable sense of style have been thrust into the spotlight. One of her latest talked-about fashion wins? A bone-colored fringe bag by LA label B-Low The Belt, which she wore — along with ripped jeans, a Balenciaga leather biker jacket and wedge sneakers — while she and her hubby walked their dogs in New York.

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“Seeing the photo it was like looking at the image I’ve wanted to capture all these years,” says B-Low The Belt co-founder Ana Schoenberg of the Kenzy Cross Body ($315). “She brought the bag to life. Amal is exactly the woman we feel is one with our brand — she’s our walking mannequin for what we stand for; she’s beautiful and playful but at the same time she’s a class act.”

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That sophisticated bohemian aesthetic is something Schoenberg and her partner, Carole Kotler, have aimed for since they started their California-crafted brand with initial belt buckles in 2002. From there they evolved to instantly recognizable fringe-adorned handbags. “I grew up in the 70s, and that was the fringe era,” says Schoenberg. “I can’t imagine an era when fringe isn’t making a statement; it’s timeless, a classic. If you’re one with fringe, you’re one with the music.”

At Coachella, Kendall Jenner was one with the music when she wore The Bri-Bri belt, twice. “It’s B-Low The Belt in a nutshell — she can rock it at Coachella and have fun, and then hit the streets of New York and illustrate that simple class,” says the designer.

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The label, which uses imported leather from Italy and South America for its accessories, releases new styles five times a year — with input from Schoenberg’s four daughters—always with an eye toward what will have lasting power. That’s not to say they don’t watch trends, and trend-setting stars.

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Kerry Washington — I tell you, I think Olivia Pope could bring some fringe to the White House,” she says. And of course, they also look back to the fringe-friendly 70s that started it all. “Goldie Hawn was one of my favorite stars — the hair and everything translates to the brand. And Jacqueline Bisset was such an icon to me growing up in the 70s,” says Schoenberg. “To this day she can wear the brand [because] it fits with her personality. She’s a classy beauty and echoes fun and playful.”