Amanda Bynes Arrest: NYPD Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

Amanda Bynes Arriving to Court - P 2013
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Amanda Bynes Arriving to Court - P 2013

As the troubled actress threatens to sue the police, the results of an internal investigation find "no evidence" to support her claim that she was groped by an officer.

The NYPD is denying Amanda Bynes' claim that she was "sexually harassed" by a police officer during her arrest last Thursday.

"Internal Affairs investigators have found no evidence to corroborate Ms. Bynes' allegations," said a statement issued to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday. "To the contrary, a credible civilian witness who was with the officers throughout told investigators that none touched Ms. Bynes inappropriately or otherwise engaged in misconduct at any time."

Two days after she was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and criminal possession of marijuana, Bynes -- who allegedly threw a bong out a window in her Manhattan apartment after her building's doorman alerted police that she was smoking pot -- the 27-year-old actress/tabloid fixture took to Twitter to accuse an officer of groping her.

"He lied and said I threw a bong out the window when I opened the window for fresh air," Bynes wrote Saturday. "He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment. Big deal. I then called the cops on him. He handcuffed me, which I resisted, quite unlike any of the reports stated."

STORY: Amanda Bynes Threatens to Sue NYPD Over 'Mistaken Arrest'

On Monday, Bynes tweeted that she planned to sue over the "mistaken arrest," ranting: "I'm suing NYPD for illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia, then I'm suing for being put into a mental hospital against my will, then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am."

Bynes, who is due back in court July 9 regarding the incident, also claimed that she's "allergic to alcohol and drugs" and therefore doesn't "partake in any of the above." She then closed her Twitter missive by saying she's embarking on a music career, but it's unclear whether she was joking.

"Look forward to seeing me in music videos!" she announced. "I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!"

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