Amanda Crew Top-Lining 'Ferocious' Thriller in Canada

The Canadian actress is playing a TV actress retrieving a sexually incriminating videotape in writer/director Robert Cuffley's thriller now shooting in Saskatoon.

TORONTO - Amanda Crew (Final Destination) is starring in another thriller, this time playing a TV actress trying to secretly retrieve a sexually incriminating videotape from a seedy nightclub in the Canadian indie feature Ferocious.

The thriller by writer/director Robert Cuffley also stars Kim Coates and Michael Eklund and is shooting in Saskatoon through mid-December.

Crew just completed the role of a drug-addicted runaway in the Canadian urban thriller Charlie Zone from director Michael Melski.

Ferocious is produced by Calgary-based Chaos and Saskatoon based KarmaFilm.