Amanda Knox May Donate Some Potential Book Profits to Meredith Kercher’s Family

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

"First of all we need to pay our bills," Knox’s grandmother said of the possibility of profits from a book or television deal.

Amanda Knox returned to her home in Seattle this week after her conviction for murdering her British roommate in 2007 was overturned in Italy.

Knox, who had spent four years behind bars, had not even arrived home yet when Knox’s grandmother was already getting offers for a book.

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"I had an insane man come to me yesterday to talk to me about book deals,” Elisabeth Huff told The Telegraph. “That is totally crazy, the girl was not even home yet, we didn't know if she was even going to get out of there. It was after the verdict. He knocked on the door and wanted to discuss book deals and media deals."

Since Knox’s release, there has been plenty of media speculation about book and television deals. While nothing is concrete, Knox’s grandmother said that she would agree with Knox donating some of the proceeds to the family of the murder victim, Meredith Kercher.

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"It's a good idea,” she said. “First of all we need to pay our bills and look after that. I had no idea yet what plans are in and we have people helping us with finances. We have got donations from people all over the world.”

Dave Marriott, who was hired as Knox’s publicist in 2007, said he advised the family to hold of for some time before telling her story, according to The Telegraph.

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At a press conference held in front of Amanda Knox’s father’s home in West Seattle, Curt Knox  emphasized that the plan for now is the let Amanda have time at adjust. “The focus simply is Amanda’s well-being and getting her re-associated with just being a regular person again.”

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After four years behind bars, an Italian appeals court freed 24-year-old Amanda Knox from the remainder of her 26-year sentence on Monday, October 3.

Knox was found guilty in 2009, along with Raffaele Sollecito, of sexually assaulting and murdering Kercher, 21. Kercher was found stabbed to death in her bedroom and covered by a duvet in 2007.