Amanda Knox Verdict: What the News Pundits Are Saying

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Reactions from media types such as Harvey Levin, Nancy Grace and Luke Russert ranged from joy to cynicism.

The overturning of American exchange student Amanda Knox's previous conviction in an Italian court was carried live on the major broadcast networks and the cable news channels and even online. So it took only a matter of moments for the hordes of news pundits from around the world to get their thoughts.

The reactions wavered between pure joy, weary cynicism and in the case of one prominent and very opinionated news host (she also dances), a surprising lack of opinion.

TMZ's Harvey Levin

"You would think a judge would explain why they feel they made a mistake imprisoning Amanda Knox for 4 years …."


"Amanda Knox is going to make a million bucks doing a TV interview....absolutely no doubt"

Los Angeles Times reporter Steve Zeitchik

"Echols, Anthony, Knox.. @HeadlineNews is running out of controversial jailed suspects to make spectacles out of. #FingersCrossedforMurray"

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BBC World News host Max Keiser

"Time to call William Morris, Amanda Knox soon to hit Hollywood, baby!"

Bim Adewunmi, freelance journalist for The Guardian

"This Knox trial shows up a couple of things: broadcasting court proceedings is ridiculous and the cult of 'rolling news' is ridiculous."

Nancy Grace, HLN host

"Amanda Knox guilty verdict OVERTURNED. Wow. What do you guys think about this?"

Dan Abrams, legal analyst for ABC News

"Congrats to #amandaknox Knox's defense team for a hard fought victory"

Anne Bremner, Seattle-based on-air legal analyst

"Free Amanda Knox!! Wonderful! Overturned!"

Luke Russert, NBC News reporter

"Amanda Knox book deal up next"

Josh Greenman, New York Daily News opinion editor

"I like how quickly Twitter lets us push news like Amanda Knox through our collective system. Next!"

S.E. Cupp, conservative commentator

"Yep, I heard. Something. RT @joshgreenman Amanda Knox something something."

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