Amanda Knox's Conviction Overturned: What People Are Saying

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An Italian court ordered that the American student be freed immediately and Twitter exploded with reactions.

American student Amanda Knox was released on time served after an Italian court reversed a conviction for murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007.

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The decision followed after Knox made a ten-minute plea to the jury of her innocence and asked to be allowed to return to the U.S. after nearly four years in prison. While the murder charge was overturned, Knox was still found guilty for defamation, but sentenced for time served allowing her to go free.

After the decision surfaced, Twitter erupted with mostly joy, but there was also disdain, and, of course, the requisite humor. Here are some of the tweets The Hollywood Reporter found representing the span of Twitter reactions to the verdict.


@NiaVardalos: Shouldn't type while crying. Happy to see Amanda Knox, Raffaelle Sollecito freed. RIP Meredith Kercher.

@JeffEastin: #AmandaKnox is FREE! A good day for justice.

@vigirl10: Thank God Amanda Knox is acquitted, she needs to be on the first thing smoking out of there.

@JeremyShockey: Amanda Knox Not Guilty!! Now get back to the USA #ASAP

@imnotmadjustyet: Amanda Knox not guilty justice has been done!!!!!

@mysticspyral: Amanda Knox & Rafael are free... what an overwhelming moment

@TheMarkLong: Finally justice for Amanda Knox!!!!!! Get her on the first flight outta Italy!!!!!!

@theAwesomePJ: Amanda Knox is free! Congrats and Come Home!


@zacdrizzy_: amanda knox should get the death penalty

@Shabs_is_Lost: Will you people stop going on like Amanda Knox is the victim in this case? Let me remind you that the REAL victim is MEREDITH KERCHER.

@GrayRowan: Amanda Knox freed, That's a disgrace, evil b***h that she is.


@clairebear74: amanda knox now free to rake in millions!

@themollycool: Okay Italy. We'll gladly take that homicidal maniac Amanda Knox back, ONLY as long as you promise to keep the cast of Jersey Shore. Capiche?

@tvmojoe Wow: OJ and Amanda Knox both set free on same day.

@ZeitchikLAT: Amanda Knox is free. But hopefully those who perpetrated the Hayden Panettiere Lifetime movie will still be made to pay for their sins.

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