Amanda Peet Takes on Anti-Vaccinators: "We Brought This Upon Ourselves"

Amanda Peet - H 2015
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Amanda Peet - H 2015

The 'Togetherness' star talks to THR about the "outrage" at her kids' school and her fears about what will happen to vulnerable kids amid the recent measles outbreak.

This story first appeared in the Feb. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

HBO's Togetherness star Amanda Peet, mom to three young kids with husband (and Game of Thrones showrunner) David Benioff, was an outspoken vaccination proponent long before the recent measles outbreak focused further attention on the dangerously low school immunization rates on Los Angeles' Westside. The veteran of the United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life vaccine campaign updates her fight.

What's the atmosphere like at your kids' school?

More and more parents are outraged that we, in one of the most privileged areas of the most privileged nation on the planet, brought this upon ourselves.

Has anyone confronted you about your position?

I can't tell you how many people have said to me, "But these diseases are so rare." Of course they're rare — vaccines made them so!

Are parents behaving differently now that the issue has blown up?

Some are rushing in to get their kids MMR shots. Most of the nonvaccinating parents I know of go to the same couple of pediatricians. If, as a pediatrician, you keep insisting that these diseases are rare, and you persist in spreading the message that the measles outbreak is a case of media hysteria, that's tantamount to encouraging people not to vaccinate.

Are you still worried that the most vulnerable children are going to die?

How can any reasonable person not be?