Amanda Seyfried Returning To 'Big Love' for Finale

HBO/Courtesy Everett Collection

The actress shoots a special appearance for the HBO hit's last episode.

Amanda Seyfried has established herself as a movie leading lady but  she will be making her small screen return for the final episode of the Big Love's five-season run.

For four seasons, Seyfried played Sarah, the eldest daughter of polygamist Bill (Bill Paxton) and Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn). At the end of season four, her character ran off with her husband Scott Quittman.

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul will also return for the finale to reprise his role as Quittman.

"Both Amanda and Paul really wanted to be a part of the last episode, even though they were both shooting movies," co-creator Will Scheffer told TV Guide.

The episode was shot in mid-December and will air in March.

His partner Mark Olsen added, "It was special. Literally and figuratively it was a family getting back together."

Season five is set to premiere January 16.