'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Sally Field Hasn't Seen Movies, Not Sure If She'll Be in 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel (Video)

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Sally Field

Appearing on "The Late Show With David Letterman," the actress also seemed surprised by the success of both Marvel films she's appeared in.

Sally Field may be part of the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, playing Peter Parker's Aunt May, but she hasn't seen either film.

Appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman, the actress first played coy about whether or not she saw the 2012 reboot, saying, "I'm not sure I saw the last one." Then she admitted, cringing, "Probably I didn't see it."

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But she vowed she would see both the last movie and the sequel. Later Letterman joked when mentioning that the movie opens May 2, "Don't be surprised if you're next to Sally Field."

Not only hasn't Field seen either of the films, she seemed genuinely surprised and impressed about the box-office success of both.

When told that the first film made "nearly $1 billion" (it actually grossed $752 million worldwide), she said, "Did it? I have to go see this movie."

And when Letterman added that the sequel has made nearly $50 million overseas already, she asked, "Is that right? Wow, I'm so proud!"

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The two also talked about the possible Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, which The Hollywood Reporter last week exclusively revealed is in the works.

Field, who played Robin Williams' character's ex-wife and the mother of their children, said she wasn't called about the project and seems to think there's no need for her character to return.

"I was the mother, the divorced parent. She's probably off on the al-Qaida ranch somewhere," the actress joked, referring to the topic of Letterman's Top 10 list.

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But Letterman was quick to say he'd be willing to appear in Mrs. Doubtfire 2, and Field pointed out that he'll be available after retiring from The Late Show.

Later, as she was struggling to explain what her brother, a particle scientist who helped make the Higgs boson discovery, does for a living, she said she wished he were there.

With that, Letterman quipped, "He's on Fallon tonight."

Watch a clip from Field's interview below and the full thing here.