'Amazing Spider-Man's' Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Complement Each Other in Couture

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield - P 2012
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Emma Stone Andrew Garfield - P 2012

The cute couple and comic book movie co-stars seem to be coordinating their red carpet looks for the movie's European press tour.

They say people who know each other well -- family members, couples -- tend to start dressing, and even looking like each other. It makes sense, as proximity and surroundings have a big effect on relationships and on the way one dresses. We often dress to please the people close to us, and sometimes even to compete with them. So it makes sense that sweethearts Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's clothes look so great together at the London and Paris premieres of The Amazing Spider-Man.

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In Paris, Emma went for it in a way she hasn't done since The Oscars -- in a detailed Gucci tulle dress, part of what the fashion house showcased on the runway at the end of its fall 2012 show, which took editors' collective breath away. It was only a matter of time until an A list star -- and only an A list star -- commandeered one of these very special and no doubt wildly expensive gowns. We would have thought this might have debuted at the Venice Film Festival. But Emma and her stylist Petra Flannery can pretty much snag any look they like.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Andrew also went for heavy drama -- in a wine-red spring 2012 Balenciaga suit. Not a lot of Hollywood men have embraced wearing Balenciaga, the edgey and slim cut French brand -- but Andrew does it well. Even fewer have embraced red on the red carpet! Not that Emma's merlot-toned lipstick matches his suit. Don't tell us they didn't think about this! Both of them are stylish to the max in the City of Style.

However, at their premiere in London -- a more down to earth city -- Andrew reverted to traditional black, and Emma wore a much more low key look, wearing pants with a chic top and red belt by Elie Saab. Note the contemporary hair with the simple contemporary chic look. And a light lip. Again, she and Andrew match and complement in tone and style. Cute, cute, cute, is all we have to say.