Amazon Launches First Prime Air Delivery by Drone

Amazon Prime Air - Amazon H

But when will drones be able to deliver shoes?

Amazon Prime Air has taken flight.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to announce that the company's first-ever drone delivery is now "in the books." He clocked the time from purchase to delivery as taking 13 minutes and posted a picture of the drone in action.

The company announced Wednesday that it has begun drone delivery trials in the U.K. and is currently testing the service with two shoppers. 

In a video of a Dec. 7 delivery posted by Amazon, and shared by Bezos, an autonomous drone is shown taking off and delivering a package to Richard B. in Cambridgeshire, England.

The drones can carry packages of up to five pounds, are guided by GPS and are designed to complete the delivery within 30 minutes.

Amazon plans to expand the trial to a few dozen and then to hundreds of shoppers around the company's fulfillment center in Cambridge.

Also on Wednesday, the e-commerce giant rolled out its streaming video service worldwide to more than 200 countries, in a challenge to the globally launched Netflix.