Amazon Prime for Women Parody Offers Solution to Wage Gap Problem

Amazon Prime for Women Parody - H 2015
Courtesy of Paul Gale Comedy

Amazon Prime for Women Parody - H 2015

78 percent of the product at 78 percent of the price.

A parody video has come up with a solution to the pay gap between men and women via online retailer Amazon. Introducing, Amazon Prime for Women.

Comedian Paul Gale released the parody video on YouTube, and highlighted the American Association of University Women's wage-gap statistic with his Amazon Prime sketch. In the video, actress Lauren Ireland says that Amazon Prime for Women will offer "78 percent of the product for 78 percent of the price." If the women are black or Hispanic their discounted portion goes down to 64 percent and 54 percent, respectively, in accordance with the wage-gap stats.

Fair is fair, after all.