Amazon Pulls Out of Crimea (Report)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The online retailer followed other U.S. companies, complying with sanctions slapped on the former Ukrainian region annexed by Russia.

Amazon is terminating its operations in Crimea to comply with sanctions imposed by the U.S. government on the former Ukrainian region annexed by Russia. The company urged its Crimean customers to delete their accounts by Feb. 13.

Amazon has sent letters to all of its users registered in Crimea, explaining that in accordance with sanctions against Crimea, adopted by the U.S. government last December, the company will no longer be able to sell products or provide services in Crimea, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

The report quoted the letter as saying that Crimean Amazon users will have until noon local time next Friday to voluntarily delete their Amazon accounts, or they will be automatically deleted.

Amazon followed in the footsteps of several other companies that terminated or limited their Crimean operations.

As of Feb. 1, Google also introduced restrictions on Crimean users, who are now no longer able to download apps from Google Play but can still use email and other Internet services.

In late January, eBay and PayPal announced that they were pulling out of Crimea.

Earlier, Apple banned its Crimean distributors from sales of its products, unilaterally cancelled contracts with Crimean software developers and removed their apps from AppStore.