Amazon Pushes Future Drone Delivery With Ex-'Top Gear' Host Jeremy Clarkson

Amazon Prime Drone - H 2015

A new video shows "actual flight footage" of a prototype model making a delivery.

Almost two years to the day since Jeff Bezos first teased the prospect of 30-minute Amazon deliveries using a fleet of unmanned drones, the company has now released a video showing off the potential of its futuristic courier service.

Presented by former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, possibly taking a break from filming his new motoring show with Amazon, the video is a story "from the not-too-distant future," showing the latest prototype model of the Prime Air drone delivering a pair of soccer shoes to a customer.

The drone in question — one of a "whole family" of "different designs for different environments," according to Clarkson — features a propeller system enabling a vertical takeoff and can hit heights of up to 120 meters. The video of the drone delivery claims to be "actual flight footage" and "not simulated."

"This amazing hybrid design assumes a horizontal orientation and becomes a streamlined and fast airplane," says Clarkson, adding that the model can fly for some 24 kilometers.

"And it knows what's happening around it. it uses 'sense and avoid' technology to, well, sense and avoid obstacles on the ground and in the air."

Watch the video below. And perhaps Amazon's drones will make a totally coincidental appearance in Clarkson's upcoming motoring show.