Amazon's 'Grand Tour' Host Under Fire for Suggesting Eating Ice Cream Is Gay

Jeremy Clarkson, James May (middle) and Richard Hammond (on the right).

"I don't eat ice cream ... It's something to do with being straight," said Richard Hammond.

For many, it was only going to be a matter of time before there was some sort of controversy involving the hosts of Amazon's big-budget motoring show The Grand Tour.

But instead of it stemming from Jeremy Clarkson, who was famously axed from BBC hit show Top Gear after punching a producer in early 2015, it was his co-presenter Richard Hammond who faced the wrath of the internet on the episode that became available on Amazon Dec. 2.

During a discussion segment of the show, Clarkson suggested the problem with a car's light-colored leather interior lay in the fact that it would prevent the driver from enjoying "a dark chocolate Magnum ice cream."

Hammond responded by saying: "It's all right, I don't eat ice cream. ... It's something to do with being straight." He then added: "There is nothing wrong with it, but a grown man eating an ice cream — it's that way, rather than that way."

The comment provoked an instant backlash, with the U.K.'s London Pride LGBT group firing back and inviting Hammond out for a "big gay" serving of ice cream.

Even ice cream manufacturer Wall's got in on the act.