How Amber Rose Brings '90s Beauty Into the Modern Era

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"Definitely wear floral-print dresses with combat boots."

Amber Rose is on a roll right now. After the occasional Twitter tiffs with ex Kanye West and founding the L.A-based female-empowerment "Slut Walk," the actress/model finally debuted her very own late-night talk show, The Amber Rose Show, on VH1 last week.

Rose is also known for her unapologetic take on beauty and makeup, and for our #90sThrowbackThursday series, Billboard asked her how she dolls up like it's 1999.

1. Always pat on a mauve lip.

When Rose is going for the look circa Clueless, she will always pack a mauve-colored lip. "Any kind works," Rose said. "It's a no-brainer."


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2. Don't pile on the makeup.

The '90s were all about a muted, natural glow instead of the overdone face from the '80s. "Don't put too much foundation and blush on," Rose told Billboard. "Just show off your natural skin. Put a little concealer over your tiny blemishes, but never a full face paint."


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3. And your clothes? Well those need to follow suit.

From crop tops to chokers, the trends of the '90s are all coming back. "Definitely wear floral-print dresses with combat boots," Rose said. "And that's it."


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