Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and Crew Wear 'Slut' Suits to VMAs

AP Images/Invision
Blac Chyna and Amber Rose

To make a statement about the names they get called, of course.

At Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards it appeared Amber Rose is taking a different approach to getting attention—one that, for once, doesn’t involve the Kardashians. The model and ex of Wiz Khalifa showed up to walk the red carpet wearing a bodysuit emblazoned with words like gold digger, stripper and hoe in bright graffiti-esque colors.

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And not only did Rose don these insults, so did her pal Blac Chyna—in a low-cut, long-sleeve dress—as did the the rest of their crew. The others wore homophobic terms written on their garments in black and white.

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While being interviewed by pre-show host Kelly Osbourne, Chyna explained their custom outfits: “We basically like wanted to paint a picture of what everybody kinda like already says about us.” And Rose chimed in as well. “Yeah, they call us sluts and whores all the time so we just embrace it. I have slut written across my vagina.” Talk about NSFW.