Amber Tamblyn Says Never OK to Body Shame — Even With Donald Trump

Amber Tamblyn-LA Film Festival 2016-Getty-H 2016
David Livingston/Getty Images

"These statues aren't art," she writes on Facebook.

Amber Tamblyn doesn't find the naked statues of Donald Trump funny.

On Sunday, the Sisterhood of the Travel Pants actress took to Facebook to express her frustrations with the nude sculptures of the Republican presidential nominee that popped up in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland and Seattle last week.

"Body shaming is never okay, even when it comes to trump," she wrote on her Facebook account. "These statues aren't art: They are a lazy, unoriginal concept, stolen mind you, from Ilma Gore's painting which already made this exact same point earlier this year. This is wholly unoriginal and uncreative."

Not all fans agreed with the 33-year-old star though. One follower wrote: "He's a monster. That's like saying it would be terrible to body shame hitler. He's a monster and deserves any humiliation he gets. Sorry but the anti body shaming shit should be reserved for actual human beings..." Others agreed and applauded Tamblyn for making such a statement. 

Added Tamblyn in the comment section: "No matter what all our differences are on this subject, I still know all your thoughtful comments on this post. I gotz me some good fans."

Titled The Emperor Has No Balls, a play on the idiom "the emperor has no clothes," the project was started by Anarchist group Indecline and highlighted the part of Trump's anatomy that is missing from the artwork.