AMC to Bring Gene Wilder's 'Willy Wonka,' 'Blazing Saddles' to Big Screen

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory 1971 Still H 2016

The films will be screened at 55 AMC locations nationwide.

In honor of Gene Wilder, AMC theaters and Warner Bros. will bring two of the late actor's famous performances back to the big screen.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Blazing Saddles will be screened Sept. 3 and 4 at 55 AMC locations nationwide, with tickets for each title costing a standard $5. 

Willy Wonka sees the actor in perhaps his best-known role as the eccentric candy mogul. The send-up of Western films, Blazing Saddles, is one of the many collaborations between Wilder and director Mel Brooks, a working relationship that also included Young Frankenstein and The Producers

Wilder died this month at the age of 83.

Participating AMC locations can be found here