AMC CEO Jokes That Hiddleswift "Conveniently" Broke Up After 'Night Manager' End

tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016
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tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016

Josh Sapan made a few bemused remarks referencing Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's brief relationship.

Speaking to investors in New York on Wednesday, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan made several pithy comments about how the short-lived love affair between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift was "conveniently" timed to the airing of AMC's limited series The Night Manager, which starred Hiddleston.

"They conveniently waited to break up till the end of The Night Manager," he said, bemused.

While formally attributing the good timing to "serendipity," Sapan was clearly pleased with the coincidence, mentioning it at least twice during his question-and-answer session with the Goldman Sach rep.

The Night Manager performed "spectacularly" in delayed viewing, Sapan said.

The "HiddleSwift" affair, as it was quickly christened by social media, received intense scrutiny in July, with outlets running stories about conspiracy theories regarding the couple, specifically the remarkably on-the-nose sartorial choices of Hiddleston. He wore a t-shirt to the beach that declared, "I [heart sign] T.S."

"This was hardly done by data," Sapan said at the conference, referring to AMC's marketing methods, which he characterized as "ever more surgical" about "how and where to spend."