AMC Exec: I've Been Hijacked on Twitter!

It was tough enough for AMC senior vp original programming Joel Stillerman to endure outrage over the firing of The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont. Now, Stillerman has a Twitter imposter who, beginning Aug. 13, has been posting nuggets of absurd cost-consciousness under his name. At press time, the fake account had generated nearly 400 followers. The real Stillerman tells THR he's amused, if somewhat annoyed. "I'm a little curious why anyone would want to be me right now," he jokes. "I've had better weeks."            

@JoelStillerman: Utterly disgusted that people are insinuating Matthew Weiner ruined AMC. Do you know how hard I worked for that recognition?

@JoelStillerman: Ahh … The Killing. No car crashes. No super labs. No zombies. No 50s clothing. Just good old fashioned savings. Now THIS is a TV show!

@JoelStillerman: It's not my fault that Darabont didn't want to incorporate already-shot footage from The Mist into The Walking Dead.

@JoelStillerman: Mad Men inside scoop: The entire wardrobe in season 5 will come from Uncle Murray's Mega Thrift.

@JoelStillerman: Who okayed that car crash on Breaking Bad?!??! I'm not made of free car crashes!

@JoelStillerman: For those worried about AMC's future, I say don't be: Hell on Wheels is going to be SUCH a fiscally reasonable show. You'll be so impressed!

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