AMC Global Takes 'Night Manager' With Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston

Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston Split - H 2014
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Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston Split - H 2014

The six-part drama based on the John le Carre novel is directed by Susanne Bier, with AMC previously also acquiring it for the U.S.

AMC Global said Tuesday that it has secured the international rights for the TV adaptation of John le Carre’s novel The Night Manager, which will air on the BBC in the U.K. and AMC in the U.S.

The six-part drama stars Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. The show is currently in production, with Susanne Bier, who won an Academy Award for In a Better World, directing. The contemporary interpretation of le Carre’s espionage drama, the first TV adaptation of a le Carre novel in more than 20 years, is a co-production between AMC, BBC One and The Ink Factory.

The show follows a former British soldier (Hiddleston) who navigates the shadowy recesses of Whitehall and Washington, where an unholy alliance operates between the intelligence community and the secret international arms trade. To infiltrate the inner circle of a lethal arms dealer (Laurie), he must himself become a criminal.

“From a terrific piece of source material with great producers in The Ink Factory, a phenomenal writer in David Farr, an award-winning director in Susanne Bier, and two incredibly talented actors, The Night Manager really is the whole package,” said Bruce Tuchman, president of AMC and Sundance Channel Global. "It represents AMC Global’s continuing commitment to working with the international production community to bring the very best television to our channels across the world. It is programming of this quality, which continues to fuel the growth of AMC Global’s international footprint, resulting in increased demand from operators and viewers alike."

Said Laurie: “I loved The Night Manager when it was published and for more than 20 years have yearned to see it realized on screen; I am now thrilled and honored to have the frontest of front row seats. All the moving parts are finely machined – we just have to not mess it up."