AMC's Movie Subscription Service Passes 800K-Member Milestone

AMC Empire 25 theater - Getty-H 2018
Noam Galai/Getty Images

The mega-movie chain says its program is now the No. 1 movie ticket subscription offering in North America.

AMC Theaters' monthly movie ticket subscription program AMC Stubs A-List now has more than 800,000 members after adding another 100,000 patrons heading into the summer moviegoing season.

The service, launched in June 2018 as an alternative to MoviePass, has added around 200,000 new members this year and claims to be the No. 1 moviegoing subscription service in North America.

"While others have tried and failed in this space, A-List is only getting stronger. Members are seeing many more movies than they did before A-List was created, they are seeing movies more than once and they’re bringing their friends and family members along, who are paying for their tickets at full price," AMC CEO and president Adam Aron said Monday in a statement.

The subscription service allows moviegoers to see up to three movies per week, in every available AMC showtime and format, including Imax, Dolby Cinema, RealD 3D and Prime at AMC venues. Stubs A-List members also enjoy discounts and benefits like free upgrades on popcorn and soda, free refills on large popcorn, express service at the box office and concession stand and no online ticketing fees.

Cinema subscription plans like AMC's A-List Stubs program and rival Cinemark's Movie Club are thriving as they target frequent moviegoers in the U.S. market. Other subscription plans are struggling or collapsing, with Sinemia recently shutting down its U.S. movie subscription service and MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson Analytics facing a cash crunch and a plunge in its share price.

That's a big letdown for MoviePass after it launched in 2017 by offering as many as 30 tickets a month to the local cinema for the price of one.