AMEDIA gets theatrical with 'Krakatuk'


MOSCOW -- Russian TV production shingle AMEDIA plans to produce a slate of five full-length theatrical films in the next year including the country's first 3D-animated adventure, "Krakatuk," the company said Wednesday.

"Krakatuk" follows the adventures of a little girl and her friends as they struggle to find a magic nut.

Inspired by a classic German fairy tale, the 3D cartoon, which was produced on a budget of $5 million, including $2 million for promotion and marketing, is due for theatrical release across Russia on Oct. 25, AMEDIA spokesman Mikhail Rossolko said.

Another four projects will roll out in the coming year with budgets yet to be announced, he added. These include another first for Russian animation -- a feature-length animated film about World War II, known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War.

"The First Group" (Pervy Otryad) sees Russian screenwriters and Japanese animators teaming for a story that follows a group of Soviet youngsters with superhuman powers who battle Nazi troops.

Ironic comedy "A Visit to a Fairy Tale" (V Gostyakh Skazki); children's comedy fantasy "Once Late in the Evening" (Odnazhdi Pozdnim Vecherom); and "Improbable Adventures of a Russian in Italy" (Neveroyatniye Priklyucheniya Russkikh v Italii), a comedy about Russian tourists mistaken by the Sicilian mafia for members of the Russian mob, will hit theaters next year, Rossolko said.