'How to Make It in America' Star Bryan Greenberg Talks Music, Kid Cudi

Bryan Greenberg has accomplished what countless actors strive for and most only dream of. 

He stars in HBO's How to Make It in America, with its second season coming up, and is making headway in the film world. Greenberg got his big break playing opposite Uma Thurman in the 2005 film Prime, and can be seen in the upcoming Friends With Benefits, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, out this summer.

You’re just as likely to find an acoustic guitar in Greenberg’s trailer as you would a script. More than a hobbyist, music is Greenberg’s other passion, a trait that was picked up on by fellow overachiever Kid Cudi, who co-stars in America and appears on Greenberg’s latest album, We Don’t Have Forever.

(Full disclosure: Music editor Shirley Halperin's husband Thom Monahan produced Greenberg's record, which was released in January, and Kid Cudi’s Escalade rolled up in their Valley cul-de-sac driveway when the rapper came by to record his guest spot. But she had been aware of Greenberg since 2005, when they met in an unmistakably rock 'n roll locale: backstage at the Wiltern Theatre where the One Tree Hill tour -- headlined by Michelle Branch’s country project The Wreckers -- had its L.A. stop. Greenberg had a recurring role on the CW show from 2003-06.)

There's a child-like glee to Greenberg that seems to emerge whenever Greenberg is around musicians, like it's a moment of discovery -- “my people,” as it were. That enthusiasm carries to the stage as Greenberg hits the road in support of Forever, but you can see it for yourself in his recent sit-down with THR.

Greenberg is currently on tour and slated to play Hotel Café on Feb. 11. For additional dates, check out Greenberg’s official site.