American Apparel Puts Its First Gray-Haired Model In a Controversial Pose (Poll)

The sportswear company is notorious for its provocative fashion ads featuring nude and topless subjects.

American Apparel is always courting controversy (showing nudity, nipples and pubic hair) with their fashion ads. Just last year, the retailer's topless holiday ads put them on Santa's Naughty List.

The company has taken a lot of flack for their near pornographic approach over the years, but considering that their products are inexpensive basics like T-shirts, stretch pants and tank tops, the advertising technique seems to be working. The brand does get a lot of press for their products, which is the whole point of advertising -- right?

We can imagine the creative minds musing on how to get the same kind of attention for their new Advanced Basic line -- "Let's use an advanced age model!" Genius!

The company’s newest advertisements feature a gray-haired older woman named "Jacky," who was (according to fashionista) discovered on the streets in New York.

Seems "Jacky" had recently moved to the Big Apple and these ads are her modeling debut. Look out, Carmen Dell'Oreifice.

For the apparel company’s Advanced Basics campaign, she wears sheer button-downs, full skirts, polo shirts, even sandals with socks.

But because it's American Apparel, Jackie also poses with her legs spread wide in one ad, in which she's wearing a bulky cable knit sweater over a leotard and purple tights.

It's like they just can't help themselves. 

Tell us: What do you think of American Apparel's new campaign?