'American Horror Story: Hotel': First Look at Lady Gaga and Other Characters

The pop superstar will play The Countess, owner of the Hotel Cortez, with Matt Bomer, Wes Bentley and 'AHS' regulars Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett characters all revealed.

After weeks of being teased, we finally get our first glimpse of Lady Gaga's character on American Horror Story: Hotel, and she looks deadly.

This week's Entertainment Weekly cover story reveals that Gaga will be playing the equally fierce The Countess, the proprietress of the Hotel Cortez. Series creator Ryan Murphy has said that The Countess is a scheming bisexual wealthy socialite who survives on a "healthy diet of sex and blood."

Joining Gaga in the cast is Matt Bomer (who will play male model Donovan), Wes Bentley (an LAPD detective called John Lowe), Angela Bassett (a film star called Ramona Royale), Naomi Campbell (Claudia, a Vogue editor), Kathy Bates (Donovan's mother Iris), Finn Wittrock (Tristan, another male model), Cheyenne Jackson (Will Drake, a fashion designer), Evan Peters (the murderous James March), Max Greenfield (Gabriel, an addict) and Sarah Paulson (Sally, an addict). 

Hotel will be broadcast on FX Oct. 7. 

Lady Gaga as The Countess, who owns the Hotel Cortez.

Wes Bentley as an LAPD detective called John Lowe. 

Kathy Bates as Donovan's mother Iris, who also works at the Hotel Cortez.

Cheyenne Jackson as Will Drake, a fashion designer. 

Evan Peters as the murderous James March.

Naomi Campbell as Claudia, a Vogue editor.

Matt Bomer as Donovan, a male model who's rather close to The Countess. 

Angela Bassett as Ramona Royale, a film star. 

Sarah Paulson as a Hypodermic Sally, an addict. 

Max Greenfiled as Gabriel, another addict. 

Finn Wittrock as Tristan, another male model.