'American Horror Story' Makeup Artist Christien Tinsley's 3D Transfers Will Make Your Halloween Night (Video)

Christien Tinsley Mena Suvari AHS split - H 2012

Christien Tinsley Mena Suvari AHS split - H 2012

Dying to look like an "AHS" ghoul, a decomposing "Walking Dead" zombie, or a tattooed "Sons of Anarchy" extra? Then this is your Halloween ticket.

American Horror Story fans are already very familiar with makeup and prosthetic artist Christien Tinsley’s work. And so is the Hollywood film and TV industry. Tinsley was Oscar-nominated for his makeup, appliances and prosthetics in The Passion of the Christ and was recently Emmy-nommed for his AHS creations.

But he’s got a really fun sideline sure to please his fans this Halloween.

Ten years ago, he created his Tinsley Tattoo Transfers, which can transform you into a Sons of Anarchy extra in minutes. If you want to see how Ryan Gosling looks wearing them in the new film, The Place Beyond The Pines, click here.

Now he’s perfected new 3D transfers and is offering them to the general public, not just actors and actresses. And just in time for all those Halloween parties, right? Or, even better, put them on for the premiere of AHS Season 2 on Oct 17.

VIDEO: American Horror Story Makeup Artist Christien Tinsley

He told me the application process is simple, glue- and latex-free. No more itching or peeling gore! So, ever the intrepid reporter, I asked Christien to fix me up like an American Horror Story star.

It was a hard choice between all the different designs; from the very subtle “Vampire Bites” (perfect for the upcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 premiere) to the more attention-getting “Lil Horns”. “Cut Throat" was pretty horrifying, even for this longtime Fangoria reader.

I was gonna shoot for “Capped”, which consists of several sizes of bullet holes. He’s also got one that mimicks the AHS Joker Face Girl called “Smiley” and there's “Decomposed” which makes you look like one of those rotting zombies on The Walking Dead.

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But then I saw “Mauled”; a kit with several bite, claw and scratch marks. Subtle but horrifying. That was definitely more me.

It only took a few minutes for Tinsley to apply one polite maul. He placed it on my cheek, wet it gently with a sponge, waited 20 seconds and removed the backing. He added a little extra blood as a bonus.

I did not end up going to The Hollywood Reporter offices wearing my maul. But I did almost give my poor mother a heart attack when I got home. And the next day when I wore my triple gaping gashes to my spin class at Up Dog Fitness in WeHo, I got horrified looks and concerned whispers: “Um, did you know you’re bleeding?”

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I posted a photo of my slashed face on Facebook and received a flurry of frightened responses. Even my dermatologist called, insisting I come in straight away. "That looks really bad! Who or what did that to you?," he exclaimed. I calmed my Facebook friends with an explanation. “West Hollywood Zombies. Those young ones are really fast.”

(That didn’t help much. They now actually believe there are zombies in West Hollywood. Which, frankly....)

I can attest that the 3D transfer stayed on, and looked completely real for two solid days. I even showered, washed my hair and it stayed on. I went to the Beverly Center, to the Apple Store (It was a hit at the Genius Bar,of course), took my dogs for walks. I got A LOT of stares. And when I explained to people that it was a 3D transfer, everyone -- of all ages -- wanted to know where to get them.

Finally, on the third day, I peeled it off. Now I miss my maul. I have my own maul kit and can’t wait for Halloween. I’ve never been one for time-consuming elaborate costumes or suffocating masks but these clever, realistic, long-lasting gory transfers are right up my dark alley.

For more information, how-to videos, prices and ordering information for Tinsley’s 3D Transfers here's his website: Tinsley Tranfers.