'American Horror Story' Mansion on Sale for $4.5 Million

American Horror Story House - H 2011
Rodeo Realty

The six-bedroom, five-bath Los Angeles home "evokes the quality and grandeur of a bygone era," the listing says.

The mansion on FX's rookie drama American Horror Story is up for sale.

The setting for numerous nightmarish events on the Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk-created horror series is on the market for a cool $4.5 million by real estate agent Joe Babajian. The six-bedroom, five-bath abode covers 10,440 sq. feet and rests on a lot that is nearly 30,000 sq. ft.

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Located at 1120 Westchester Place in Los Angeles, the Alfred F. Rosenheim mansion is described as an "irreplaceable masterpiece comprised of a 3-story main house plus a grand ballroom (formerly a chapel) currently used as a recording studio."

And like its portrayal on the FX drama, the abode has a unique character, with everything from "Tiffany leaded-glass display cases and a museum-qualtiy set of Tiffany glass doors" to "6 vintage tile fireplaces."

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“This residence evokes the quality and grandeur of a bygone era,” the listing states.

Will this affect filming on American Horror Story? Not quite.

Connie Britton, who plays Vivien, revealed in an interview earlier this year that while the pilot was filmed was on location, the following episodes were shot on an exact replica.

"That house is the most amazing thing. It is a location. We shot the entire pilot in that house in Los Angeles," Britton says. "To shoot the series, they have actually built sets that are exact replicas. ... When we’re on the set, it feels like we’re in that house, to the point where on the set you know if you run up the stairs to the second floor, it kind of ends. It sort of just ends into nothingness, like you could actually eventually walk off of a platform."